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Автор: admin 03.06.2014

protel SPE

Hotel management software for large and mid-market individual hotels The protel Single Property Edition is our exclusive hotel management software for mid-market operators and large individual hotels. Check in, serve and check out your guests with the greatest of ease: protel SPE provides effortless processes and fast, reliable access to all crucial information. protel SPE […]

Автор: admin 02.06.2014

protel MPE

Hotel management software for hotel chains and multinational cooperations As a central property management system, protel MPE can transform even a global hotel chain into a single unit. All connected hotels access the same guest information from a central database. Data and functions are available in real time at every property. And you can reap […]

Автор: admin 02.06.2014

protel Air

Hotel management in the Cloud The concept behind protel Air: Using software via an Internet browser, instead of buying software and installing it in the hotel. The Cloud solution is the perfect solution for hotels, who don’t want to take on the burden of maintaining their own technical infrastructure. Only requires a browser, stationary or […]

Автор: admin 19.07.2013