protel Voyager

The app for the guest

  • Seamless interaction between guests and the hotel before, during and after their stay
  • Web app for all current mobile devices with a WebKit browser (Apple, Android, Blackberry etc.)
  • No installation on the guest’s cell phone required
  • Easy adjustability to match the hotel’s corporate design


Room order

Room folder


Region info

QR code

protel Voyager provides guests all required information. The hotel chooses the matching features for time before arrival, during their stay and after departure and offers the hotel information, reservation and invoice data, surveys, special offers or menus specifically on the guests’ mobile devices. This enables the guests to comfortably look at the restaurant’s daily specials and directly order food and drink to their rooms. This way the app becomes an additional marketing and sales channel and boosts the hotel’s upselling strategies.

The user interface of protel Voyager can be adjusted easily to match the hotel’s corporate design. The guest gets a link to protel Voyager in their reservation confirmation, via the hotel website or via a QR code in the hotel lobby and is able to use all features and offers right away:

  • Order room service
  • Access digital room folder
  • Use the mobile concierge’s hints and information
  • Check reservation and invoice data
  • See and edit personal data
  • Call up the social media channels of the hotel
  • Book rooms (with protel WBE 4.0)
  • Take a survey (with protel Survey)
  • Create a QR code for quick check-in (with protel for iPad)
  • Save this QR code together with the link to protel Voyager in Passbook (with iOS devices)
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